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) one question, why didnt you do it in the eight years, a short time ago? How would you lead the country during this next stage of the coronavirus crisis? Aired 12-1a ET NYC Braces For Unrest After Night Of Widespread Looting, Imposes.M. Aired 9-10p ET live CNN Prime Time: Coverage With Chris Cuomo; Ten House Republicans Vote Yay Vote For Trump Impeachment.0; The Pros And Cons Of The Timing Of Trump's Impeachment Trial; The Way Forward (Or Back) With Trump's. Aired 9-10p ET May 18, 2020 Trump Announces He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine Despite FDA Warning Against Drug; Coronavirus Hits Hardest In Communities Of Color; FBI Finds Al-Qaeda Link After Breaking Encryption On Pensacola Attacker's IPhone.

Donald Trump: ( 08:54 ) Excuse. Joe Biden: ( 20:02 ) Show the tape, put it on your website. Experteninterview kannst und solltest du aber gerne die Namen der Gesprchsteilnehmer am Ende oder am Anfang des Transkripts anmerken. It took too long to get it right. Aired 9-10p ET January 22, 2019 Senate to Vote on Dueling Bills to End Shutdown; Interview with Senator Tim Kaine, (D-VA Mueller Investigating Trump Campaign Ties to NRA; "maga teens" invited to WH Meeting Planned After Shutdown.

Money is supposed to go to help them do everything from organize how they can deal with their businesses being open safely, schools, how they can make classrooms smaller, how they can hire more teachers, how they can put ventilation systems. Our characters on the ballot, look at us closely. Aired 9-10p ET November 15, 2019 Impeachment Witness Testifies He Heard Trump Ask About Biden Investigation One Day After Zelensky Call; Ousted Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Testifies As Trump Attacks Her Online; Roger Stone Convicted On All Counts; Ignoring Pentagon. They have not done a thing for them. Aired 9-10p ET November 19, 2020 Georgia Confirms Biden Victory, Finds No Widespread Fraud After Statewide Audit; Trump Campaign Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Baselessly Alleges "Centralized" Voter Fraud;. If Florida Goes Blue, It's Over Court Rules Ballots Must Be Received By Election Day In MN; Biden Holds Nationwide Advantage In Final Days Of 2020 Race.

Aired 9-10p ET July 28, 2020 Trump Still Pushing His Debunked Coronavirus Miracle Cure; Trump Focuses. I dont know why he hasnt said a word to Putin about it, and I dont know what he has recently said, if anything, to the Iranians. To Expel 21 Saudi Military Trainees. Were going to choose to move forward because we have enormous opportunities, enormous opportunities to make things better. Aired 9-10p ET August 17, 2018 Interview with Erik Prince; Trump Economy Examined; Security Clearance Rescinding Questioned; Interview with Anthony Scaramucci; Trump Military Parade Postponed. Kristen Welker: ( 38:37 ) All right. But on behalf of the voters, Im going to ask you to please speak one at a time. Donald Trump: ( 28:34 ) crosstalk 00:28:34 I dont know. Aired 9-10p ET January 17, 2019 Giuliani Contradicted 18 Months of "No Collusion Trump Pulls Pelosi's Military Plane before War Zone Trip; Cardi B's Shutdown Rant Goes Viral; Cardi B Blasts Trump Over Government Shutdown. Donald Trump: ( 02:33 ) First of all, I called my accountants, underwrote it, Im going to release them as soon as we can.

Joe Biden: ( 25:15 ) Take a look at what New York has done in terms of turning the curve down, in terms of the number of people dying. Aired 12-1a ET House Judiciary Debates Impeachment Articles Before Vote; Jayapal: Republicans Essentially Trying To "Distract" Us From Anything That Is Substantive; Sam Donaldson On Impeachment Articles Against President Trump. Aired 9-10p ET November 26, 2019 NYT: President Trump Knew of Whistleblower Complaint When he Released aid to Ukraine; Trump, his Lawyers Invited to Take Part in New Hearings; House Judiciary Sets First Impeachment Hearing for Dec. Gleichzeitig kann die Umfrage darauf ausgelegt sein, detaillierte Inhalte individuell zu erforschen und nicht auf Objektivitt zu setzen. Donald Trump: ( 14:56 ) I dont think were going to have a dark winter at all. Kristen Welker: ( 31:35 ) You said very recently- Joe Biden: ( 31:35 ) Not true, by the way. He didnt want us Americans dont panic. Look, their real plan cost a hundred trillion dollars.

Aired 9-10p ET April 23, 2019 Democrats Split After Bernie Sanders Backs Voting Rights For Felons; Trump Tells Washington Post He Opposes Current Former White House Aides Testifying Before Congress; Kushner: Mueller Probe "More Harmful" Than Russian Meddling. In the meantime, I have a very good relationship with him. Church For Photo-Op; Widespread Looting in NYC Before and After Curfew; Floyd's Brother Urges Peaceful Protest, Voting for Change; One-on-One with New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie; Protesters Try to Find Common Ground During Challenging Times. Das bedeutet, dass sie das Gesprochene in Text umwandelt. Is it really dangerous still? You need to be in a position where you can take testing rapidly and know whether the person is in fact infected. Aired 9-10p ET October 07, 2019 Republicans Furious Over Trump Abandoning Allies In Syria; Judge: Trump's Tax Defense Strategy Is "Repugnant Jay Sekulow's Views About Trump's Tax Returns. We are in a situation where we have foreign countries trying to interfere in the outcome of our election.

We cant close up our nation. And I do want to start with the security of our elections and some breaking news from overnight. Aired 9-10p ET June 10, 2020 George Floyd's Brother To Congress: "Stop The Pain Harvard Doctor: 200,000 Lives Could Be Lost By September; CNN Rejects Trump Campaign's Demand To Apologize For Poll With Biden Ahead, Calls Request "Factually Legally Baseless". Fauci Despite White House Attacks; California State Superintendent On Schools Staying Online-Only Next Month.A. Donald Trump: ( 13:38 ). Auf diese Weise kannst du dich ganz entspannt auf das Abtippen der eigentlichen Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit oder Dissertation konzentrieren. Donald Trump: ( 23:55 ) he is going to destroy the oil industry.

This is the guy whos tried to cut Medicare. And everybody knows it, including some very liberal people that cried in my office. Aired 9-10p ET January 26, Senate Jurors Sworn In For Trump Impeachment Trial, 45 Out Of 50 Republicans Vote To Dismiss It; WH To States: Vaccine Shipments To Increase Next Week; Biden Aims To Tackle Nation's Racial Inequity Crisis. Aired 9-10p ET June 17, 2020 Atlanta Police Officers Not Responding To Calls In Protest Of Charges Brought Against Officers; Officer Brosnan Charged With Aggravated Assault, Accused Of Standing On Brooks' Shoulder After Shooting; President Trump Claims covid-19 Is "Dying. Aired 9-10p ET February 02, 2021 Democrats, Trump Team Outline Impeachment Trial Arguments; Biden Administration To Ship Vaccine Doses Directly To Pharmacies; Officer Who Died In Riot Lies In Honor.S.

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