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Learn more about creating a presentation in just five minutes by watching this video below: Pros, a drag-and-drop editor and thousands of templates that allow users with any level of graphic design experience to create visually appealing presentations. Youre also able to refresh different AI designs until you find one that you like. Their templates are also focused on startups and entrepreneurs, so if your presentation doesnt have that focus, your selection is even more limited. Pros Syncs between your desktop and mobile apps, allowing you to create and edit in different areas. Here are nine mobile presentation apps that can help you with your presentation delivery as well as some quick slide design here and there. Some are perfect for creating your presentation while others can be helpful for presenting and sharing your slideshow. However, the software currently does not offer a way to animate your slide elements or even add unique transitions.

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It comes with millions of design assets, including stock photography, vector icons, data visualization tools, free popular fonts and preset color themes. With pre-designed templates and themes with hundreds of slide layouts to choose from, youll find the perfect design in Visme to fit your content. Other mobile presentation apps can help you to click through or present your slideshow. Many graphic elements are premium only. Infogram Infogram is another cloud-based graphic design software that tries to do everything, including presentations, but really wasnt built for that specific purpose. Pros Allows you to create and edit presentations on both your mobile device and computer. For example, theres no animation or interactivity options available. Pros Can create engaging non-linear presentations. Well, youre in luck.

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Prezi, another popular presentation app is Prezi. Its exclusively available for iOS smartphones, tablets and computers as its the Apple version of PowerPoint. Youre stuck only designing in the areas the software lets you design. While the service is free to any Google account holder, its slide layouts are basic at best and its design capabilities are extremely limited. This can be very useful for sales reps that are on the go with meetings and appointments, so they can easily share their screens with potential customers and walk them through the process. Add your own text, images, colors and more Create beautiful data visualizations, like charts and graphs Choose from hundreds of slide designs and templates Add interactive buttons and animations Sign. Beautiful animation and transition options that wont overwhelm your audience.

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But while its meant for creating presentations, it doesnt offer full-range design capabilities. Using an app like this can be very helpful when youre rehearsing your content so that you dont go over on time, and you know which anecdotes you can fit. No content blocks or slide library available to save larger pieces of content and reuse later. Easy to use drag-and-drop editor that allows you to quickly slide your points around on your slide to re-order them. Cons Can only create non-linear presentations, which can actually cause motion sickness in some viewers. Pros Gives you a heads up when youre getting close to the end of your speaking time. Cons Only for Apple devices. They offer an Express creation mode where you can simply input your content and the app will design the slides for you. Cons Caters to sales teams, so it isnt an all-in-one presentation maker.

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Has analytics for you to view presentation performance. Cons Doesnt allow you to have any design input or design your own presentation slides. Pros Has offline editing capabilities. Presentation Timer Presentation Timer can be helpful both during your prep time and actual presentation time. While it still has the capabilities for presentation design, it's main focus is on social media graphics. Showpad Showpad is another app that works well for sales teams. Since putting together your presentation can be design-heavy and content-heavy, it can often be easier to manage this on your actual computer than on a mobile device on-the-go. Simply create your presentation in the software of your choice, save it as a PDF, email it to yourself and then open it in MightyMeeting from your smartphone or tablet. Jump into our list of 17 desktop and mobile presentation apps and PowerPoint alternatives to help you create a beautiful and engaging slideshow.

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Pros Allows you to view and annotate presentation slides made in any software. You can also view other presentations and learn more about a certain topic. Choose Your Favorite Presentation Apps Which one of these 17 desktop and mobile presentation apps is your favorite? M is a trademark of CrystalGraphics, Inc. You can invite other viewers, and each participant can annotate the slides, making it a great tool to use in classrooms and remote viewing settings. The ability to present your slideshow online, or download as PDF, html5 or pptx so you can present it without an internet connection. Our browser does not support the video tag.

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You can create your presentation in any online software, like Visme, export it and upload it onto SlideShare. While its a fast and efficient app, it lacks some of the features any good presentation needs. Your Android smartphone can turn into your own slide clicker. Similar to PowerPoint, so it doesnt really focus on the design of your presentation, just gives you the ability to create one. If youve used PowerPoint, you know how to use Google Slides. Charts and graphs to add into your slides. Add your own text, images, colors and more, choose from hundreds of slide designs and templates. MightyMeeting MightyMeeting is an Android app that allows users to share, present and annotate presentations on Android smartphones and tablets. Built-in library of free icons, fonts, images, shapes and other graphic elements.

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But what sets Visme apart from other presentation apps and software is that it also comes with various interactivity options, like hyperlinked elements, video embed, audio upload and recording features. Both certainly can be used to create a presentation, but they arent ideal, and they dont offer as many features as a presentation app meant for building slideshows. Google Slides, everyone has heard of Google, right? Haiku Deck Haiku Deck is a web and mobile-based app that allows you to create and edit presentations. Pros Allows you to not have to worry about design at all. What this means is that it offers a few visually appealing slide templates and you can create designs in the correct presentation dimensions. Instead, youre given eight different themes with about 60 slide layouts to choose from that keep elements snapped into place, regardless of how you might want to customize your slides. Flowvella Flowvella is a downloadable desktop and mobile app that allows you to create presentations wherever and whenever you need. Pros Allows users to move around the room and control their presentation remotely.

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Cons Just like Canva, there are no animation and transition features available for creating an engaging presentation. Pros Great for viewing and sharing your presentations. Canva Canva is a well-known cloud-based graphic design software, but it's not too popular for presentations. Cons, extremely limited design capabilities. If youre putting together a new presentation, youre likely looking for the perfect presentation apps to help you design, present and share it effectively. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? This can be useful when giving a presentation in front of a large audience, and you want to be able to move seamlessly around the stage. AIO Remote AIO Remote, or All In One Remote, allows users to turn their Android smartphone into a remote to control their presentation slides from a distance.

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