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Abschnitte werden mit eigenen berschriften versehen und knnen in sich noch einmal in Abstze mit Zwischenberschriften aufgeteilt werden. Anyone can perform most maintenance and administration tasks on Wikipedia without the specific technical functions granted to administrators. Just like a real-world janitor might have keys to offices that some other workers are excluded from, admins have some role-specific abilities, but also like a real-world janitor they're not more important than the other contributors.

Zur Konstruktion von Prfungsaufgaben entlang von kognitiven Anspruchsniveaus siehe hier. Pssaros, lago, quinta, novidades ces, novidades gato, novidades Rpteis. Warnings, calm and reasonable discussion and explanation of those warnings, advice about community norms, and suggestions on possible wordings and approaches do not make an administrator involved. Appeal of these blocks may be made to the Unblock Ticket Requests System (which has a designated "checkuser" area) or to the Arbitration Committee. Disputes or complaints Further information: Wikipedia:Dispute resolution In most cases, disputes with administrators should be resolved with the normal dispute resolution process. However, sustained or serious disruption of Wikipedia through behavior such as incivility or bad faith editing is incompatible with the expectations and responsibilities of administrators, and consistent or egregious poor judgment may result in the removal of administrator tools. I think perhaps I'll go through semi-willy-nilly and make a bunch of people who have been around for awhile sysops. History In the very early days of Wikipedia, only Bomis employees were administrators, as the server password was required to make any administrative changes. The only exception is administrators may own bots with administrative access.

For guidance on involvement for non-administrator actions, see Wikipedia:Non-admin closure  Editors who are uninvolved, and Wikipedia:Third opinion. Common situations where avoiding tool use is often required: Conflict of interest or non-neutrality Administrators should not normally use their tools in matters in which they are personally involved (for example, in a content dispute in which they are a party). There have been several procedures suggested for a community-based desysop process, but none of them has achieved consensus. Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents ( WP:ANI ) Used for matters needing attention from passing administrators. Ausfhrliche Informationen unter: open-Book-Format bei Prfungen: Es empfiehlt sich, alle digitalen schriftlichen Prfungen, soweit mglich, nach dem Open-Book-Format zu konstruieren. Bei einer ausfhrlichen Arbeit ist es sinnvoll, zustzlich ein Inhaltsverzeichnis zu erstellen, das die einzelnen Abschnitte und Abstze auflistet. Any registered user can request adminship RFA from the community, regardless of their Wikipedia experience. Exceptional circumstances There are a few exceptional circumstances to this general principle.

In certain circumstances, the revocation of privileges may be permanent. New administrators are strongly encouraged to start slowly and build up experience in areas they are used to, and to ask others if unsure. Lengthy inactivity Over two years with no edits. Anzeige, die formalen Vorgaben fr eine individuelle Reflexion. While the Arbitration Committee does not review short or routine blocks, concerns about an administrator's suitability for the role may be brought in a Request for Arbitration, usually when other dispute resolution approaches are unsuccessful (see this section below). Administrator conduct Administrators should lead by example and, like all editors, should behave in a respectful, civil manner in their interactions with others. When another administrator has already reversed an administrative action, there is very rarely any valid reason for the original or another administrator to reinstate the same or similar action again without clear discussion leading to a consensus decision. Sometimes it's best simply to take a break and calm down.

Grievances by users administrator abuse Further information: Wikipedia:Requests for de-adminship If a user believes an administrator has acted improperly, they should express their concerns directly to the administrator responsible and try to come to a resolution in an orderly and civil manner. Administrators should strive to model appropriate standards of courtesy and civility to other editors. In doubtful cases, re-granting will be deferred until a broader community discussion takes place and is closed. Pode consultar as informaes suplementares e detalhadas na nossa poltica de confidencialidade. 15 The idea of an administrator role was proposed in late 2001 during the development of the first version of MediaWiki. Occasional mistakes are entirely compatible with adminship; administrators are not expected to be perfect. If you are concerned that not acting (or the delay needed for dialog) could quickly cause the situation to get much worse or would be grossly inappropriate, it can sometimes be sensible to email the Arbitration Committee and. However, only registered editors can "vote" in such requests.

12 Former administrators may re-request adminship subsequent to voluntary removal or removal due to inactivity. Destinatrios: Os dados no sero comunicados a terceiros. Mrz 2021 gltigen Coronaschutzverordnung NRW, 6 (4) muss die Bibliothek ihre Services weiter einschrnken. Mehr Anleitungen, Tipps, Vorlagen und Ratgeber: Thema: Individuelle Reflexion Beispiel hnliche Beitrge. 13 Over five years since administrative tools were last used. Umgang mit technischen Problemen: Studierende knnen sich nicht in Moodle einloggen, Verbindungen reien ab, Prfungsbgen werden versehentlich vor der Abgabe gelscht, : Stehen Sie und/oder fachkundige Prfungsaufsichten whrend der Prfung und auch unmittelbar danach zur Verfgung, damit Studierende diese Probleme melden knnen. Sie bringt vielmehr die persnlichen Erkenntnisse des Verfassers zum Ausdruck. Involvement is generally construed very broadly by the community to include current or past conflicts with an editor (or editors and disputes on topics, regardless of the nature, age, or outcome of the dispute. Beurteilung des Ergebnisses und Ausblick. Zwar sollte die Reflexion bersichtlich strukturiert und logisch aufgebaut sein, damit der Leser die Gedankengnge des Verfassers nachvollziehen kann.

Adopting a deliberately calming manner and approach as you explain may help. In the case of removal due to inactivity, for any administrator who does not have a logged administrator action in five years, bureaucrats should not restore administrator access upon request. Aufgabenstellungen: Aufgaben sollen verstndlich, eindeutig und vollstndig formuliert werden. Applicants who are unsuccessful but take steps to address points raised will often succeed on a subsequent request some months later. 9 Possible indications of an incipient wheel war: An administrator getting too distressed to discuss calmly. As Wikipedia's worldwide cultural impact and visibility grew, and as the community grew with it, the role of administrators evolved and standards for adminship rose. Mit dem Deckblatt nehmen die Studierenden zur Kenntnis, dass sie die Prfung selbstndig ohne Zuhilfenahme Dritter oder unzulssiger Hilfsmittel absolvieren mssen, dass die Prfungen einer Plagiatsprfung unterzogen werden und dass die Prfer*innen innerhalb der Beurteilungsfrist von vier Wochen mndliche Nachfragen. Places where administrators in particular can assist Administrator rights can be particularly helpful in certain areas of Wikipedia: See also Wikipedia:Admins willing to make difficult blocks and the administrators channel on IRC for IRC users.

Administrators assume these responsibilities as volunteers after undergoing a community review process. At their discretion, bureaucrats may decline to restore adminship if they are not satisfied that the account is controlled by the same person who used it previously. When you are ready to apply, you may add your nomination to the Wikipedia:Requests for adminship RFA page, according to the instructions on that page.   In welchem Rahmen wurde das Referat gehalten? Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals suspend sysop rights of inactive admins, June 2011 Excepting those with a specific arbitration or community sanction barring the request. Autorizo o tratamento dos meus dados para receber ofertas comerciais e promoes.

Users who fail to report unauthorized use of their account will be desysopped. They are never required to use their tools, and must never use them to gain an advantage in a dispute in which they were involved. Adminship is granted unless one of these situations applies: Adminship was resigned while "under a cloud." If there were serious questions about the appropriateness of the former admin's status as an administrator at the time of resignation, the request will be referred to WP:RFA. Sanctions for wheel warring have varied from reprimands and cautions, to temporary blocks, to desysopping, even for first-time incidents. Responsvel do dossier: E2Evolution Zoomalia. Bitte beachten Sie auch die Details zu unseren aktuellen Nutzungsbedingungen. In August 2012, the Arbitration Committee issued a reminder that administrators must promptly notify the committee when making sensitive blocks or when noting that a block can be "appealed only to ArbCom". Wikimedia system administrators sysadmins.

Privacy Personal information deleted under the Foundation's privacy policy may be re-deleted if reinstated. Before restoring the administrator flag, a bureaucrat should be reasonably convinced that the user has returned to activity or intends to return to activity as an editor. Review and removal of adminship If an administrator abuses administrative rights, these rights may be removed by a ruling of the Arbitration Committee. Given the lengthy procedures required to remove administrative access, which often include attempts to resolve the dispute prior to arbitration, the community carefully scrutinizes requests for adminship. Resolve administrative disputes by discussion. The specific criteria are set by each administrator for themselves, and usually detailed in their userspace. If the dispute reflects seriously on a user's administrative capacity (blatant misuse of administrative tools, gross or persistent misjudgment or conduct issues or dialog fails, then the following steps are available: Administrator recall Main page: Wikipedia:Administrators open to recall Some administrators. Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops ( system operators are Wikipedia editors who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions on the English Wikipedia. Deliberately ignoring an existing discussion in favor of a unilateral preferred action.

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